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Jemma Caprioli

Jemma and Dave's Kosciuszko Challenge 2018

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In March we are taking on the mountain in the sequel of 'David climbs Mt Kosciuszko in his best chinos'.

Last year, I was in a very different place with my rare cancer story. I had been living my life with the diagnosis of a genetic mutation called Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer since the age of 19. With yearly gastroscopies, it was challenging to escape the prospect of what this meant for my future.

On November 3rd 2017 at the age of 30yrs old, I had a Total Radical Gastrectomy, the removal of my entire stomach and its surrounding lymph nodes. By the time we venture up Mt Kosi next year, it will be four months’ post-surgery. ...I may take it a little slower this time (you can sigh a breath of relief, Dave).

I'm living a slightly different reality now, but I am exceptionally grateful to be living my life. The truth is not everyone can say that, which is why RCA exists. My focus now, as it has been since I learned of rare cancers, is to help others live a full and happy life. People deserve options I like had.

Thank you for helping Dave and I achieve our big goal. Who knows what he will wear this year? If you want to make a suggestion with your donation, please don't hold back...

Much love, J&D

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Kosciuszko Challenge 2018
The Mount Kosciuszko Challenge is an annual event hosted by Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) to raise awareness and much needed funds for the over 42,000 Australians diagnosed with a rare and less common cancer each year.