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This FAQ document aims to answer every possible question you could have about Mount Kosciuszko Challenge 2018. If we’ve missed something, please get in touch with your question.

Corporate enquiries should be emailed to kath@rarecancers.org.au or feel free call our office on 02 4862 2768.

When is the event?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

What time does it start/finish?

The Mount Kosciuszko Challenge is an all-day event. However, you must select a start time for your commencement of the climb. Due to the high number of participants, it is crucial that you adhere to the times and arrive 20 minutes prior to your start time to allow for registration and event briefing. 

Those wishing to take the Chairlift option must chose a start time from 9.00am onwards, as the Chairlift will not be open prior.

Start times are:

8.00am (This is now full, and will not be available for selection during registration process)
8.30am (This is now full, and will not be available for selection during registration process)
9.00am (This is now full, and will not be available for selection during registration process)

All climbers in all groups have the option of taking the chairlift down the mountain. But only those that have prepaid can take the chairlift up.

How many people will participate in this year’s event?

In our sixth year, we hope to have 400 registered people climb to the top.  Last year 325 people participated. Invite your friends, family and work colleagues to join you in the challenge. Register a team. Start a fundraising page. Ages 8-80 welcome.

How long does the climb take?

The summit is 2,228 metres above sea level. Everyone starts at the same point – Valley Terminal. For approximate times, please check out the following map: www.thredbo.com.au/mountain/walking-trails/

Merrits Nature Track & Mt Kosi Track (walkers)

Valley Terminal to Summit is a 10.5km climb or 21km round trip. You will climb 4km to Eagles Nest and continue the 6.5km to take you to the top!

Eagles Nest (chairlift)

Eagles Nest to Summit is a 6.5km (13km round trip). You will get a chair lift to the Eagles Nest Lookout and will walk the entire 6.5km to the Summit. 

Those wishing to take the Chairlift option must chose a start time from 9.00am onwards, as the Chairlift will not be open prior.

Please note that the climb from the base to the summit is quite strenuous and it is advised to purchase a chair lift pass if you are not at an adequate level of fitness. Those doing the full climb and want to come down on the chair lift are not required to purchase a chairlift pass.

How long do we spend at the top?

The view from Australia's highest point is spectacular and whilst the amount of time you spend up there is entirely your choice, you may want to savour the moment and bask in the glory of your triumph! It's also a great opportunity to rest and conserve your energy, remember going to the top means also having to make the journey back down!

Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) will be taking a group shot of participants, so if you are one of the first to reach the summit, please enjoy the view as others make their way to the top so that we can capture the moment.

Please be advised that how long you spend up there is also dependent on when you reach the top and also if you are joining us for dinner. Those who wish to make the journey all the way down by foot to the base, allow enough time to get back and be ready for dinner at 6.30pm. If you are taking the chairlift down, the last chairlift is scheduled at 4.00pm.

How far is the walk?

You can choose to start from Valley Terminal for the 21km round trip or walk from Eagles Nest for a 13km round trip.

I’d like to share my participation on social media. What information do I need?

We’d love you to share your Kosciuszko Challenge experience on social media sites.

Use the hash tag #KosiChallenge

Twitter @RareCancers  

Facebook www.facebook.com/RareCancersAustralia 

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/rare-cancers-australia

Instagram  www.instagram.com/rarecancers/

How do I register? When do registrations close? 

Go to www.kosichallenge.com.au. Online registrations close at 12pm on 9 March 2018. Depending on numbers, event registrations can be closed earlier.

What are the costs? (event registration, dinner, chairlift passes, accommodation and national park entry) 

Registration: $65
Chair Lift Pass $17.50
3 Course Dinner (Beverages Extra) $60

Child (under 15)
Registration $25
Chair Lift Pass $8.50
Dinner (Beverages Extra) $25

Dinner bookings will close 5pm, Friday 2 March.

Discounted accommodation is available for participants. Please contact Nicole Thrum, Events & Groups Manager Thredbo, direct on 02 6459 4184 and mention Rare Cancers Kosi Challenge to get your discount.

If you drive your car into the National Park you will be required to purchase a Park Pass. Cost is $17 per car per day. See website for further information.

Can I register on the day itself?

You are required to pre-register online.

What does my registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers administration, event insurance, associated fees and promotion.

Where does my fundraising money go?

Funds raised go to Rare Cancers Australia Ltd (RCA), a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common (RLC) cancers. Every year there are over 52,000 diagnoses of RLC Cancers and around 25,000 deaths. We thank you for your support.

What if I must cancel? Do I get a refund?

Cancellations occurring less than seven (7) days prior to an event will incur a 10 per cent administration fee. Cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to an event will forfeit full payment. Substitutes can be made at any time. For our full refund terms and conditions please visit www.rarecancers.org.au/page/5/legal

What is the discount code I see when I register for the event online? Am I eligible?

From time to time, RCA may have a promotion for an event which may include a discount. If this is so, information on how to access the code and eligibility will be made available on our website. Currently, there is no promotion or discount available. 

Can I buy a Rare Cancers t-shirt and cap?

All participants will receive a complimentary cap on the day. RCA tee shirts and other merchandise will be available from our online store in the near future.

Where is the meeting place for the start of the climb/walk?

Please proceed to Valley Terminal. The Mount Kosciuszko Challenge event village will be set up near the Tennis Courts. See the map here.

How do I get there?

Visit www.thredbo.com.au/village-life/about-thredbo/getting-here/ for information on getting to Thredbo from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

What if I am late for the start? Is there a cut off?

Please refer to the registration and starting times above. Ensure that you allow 20 minutes prior to your start time.

Is the start line marked with branded flags?

The meeting point for all participants will be signed appropriately and clearly branded with Rare Cancers Australia banners. The two starting points (chair lift and Merritts Nature Track) will not be flagged, however event volunteers will guide you there.

Is there a social/networking gathering taking place before the event?

There will be a social gathering in the Lounge Bar of the Thredbo Alpine Hotel Friday 16 March from 6pm for those that would like to meet with the RCA team and other climbers. Please email kate@rarecancers.org.au if you intend to join us. Drinks and dinner available (Note: cash or credit card payment to the hotel on the night).

Where is the official dinner?

The official dinner will be held in the Kosciusko Room at Thredbo Alpine Resort. The cost is $60 per head (Adult) $25 (Child) and can be paid during the online registration process. Beverages can be purchased separately at the cash bar.

Is there a social gathering on the Sunday after the event?

As most people need to return to SYD/MEL/CBR we will not be holding a Sunday social. So please make the most of the official dinner event where you can meet the RCA team, chat with other participants and supporters.

What should I wear/bring along?

The weather is highly changeable on any given day. Please come prepared for all weather conditions.  Sturdy walking boots or shoes, waterproof jacket, light woollen jumper or fleece, long sleeve top, thermal top, gloves and warm hat, water at least one litre, lunch and snacks and hat/sunscreen/sunglasses.

We’d like to run some of the walking track, is that OK?

National Parks forbid running on the metal walkways which can be bouncy and slippery and running might cause danger to other participants.

Are there any pre-event training sessions?

As people come from far and wide for this event, we won’t be organising team training sessions this year. We suggest you undertake your own personal training for the event. It would be wise to include some hill climbing, walking on incline on a treadmill or stair climbing to stimulate your climbing muscles!

Do I have to be really fit?

The walk is quite challenging. Should you doubt your level of fitness please consult your GP prior to registration.

How do I set up a fundraising page?

You can set up a fundraising page after you have registered for the event. It is a simple process and can be done online very quickly. You can then share the link with everyone you know online. If you plan to be part of a team, please select the appropriate registration button - "Register and Create a Team" or "Register and Join a Team"

How much am I expected to raise?

Any amount you raise, no matter how big or small is appreciated. All fundraising goes to supporting RCA's work with cancer patients.

Can I walk the challenge without actively fundraising?

Yes, of course. We welcome as many participants as possible.

Do I get a certificate of participation?

Everyone who completes the climb will receive a certificate of participation.  If you've registered your company and would like a team photograph to use in your company communications please contact kath@rarecancers.org.au

Do I get a medal for completing the climb?

There are currently no medals awarded for completing the climb. As we are a charity based organisation, we are mindful of how and where we spend our money. We feel this money would be better allocated to the many initiatives and programs that are in development. However, we think that it would be wonderful for participants to walk away with some form of memorabilia celebrating their achievements. So if you know of or are from a company that produces medals, we'd welcome a partnership. Please contact kath@rarecancers.org.au  

Is there a prize for the biggest fundraiser?

We’d welcome the provision of a prize to incentivize our participants. If you would like to donate a prize please contact kath@rarecancers.org.au

Do we BYO lunch? Can we buy it?

Lunch, snacks and water can be purchased at the Village prior to the event. Please ask the staff for a detailed map of where these shops are located.

Will there be water and toilet stops?

There is a small café at Eagles Nest where some items can be purchased. Toilet facilities are available at Eagles Nest and also Rawsons Pass, which is 800m from the summit.

Where and what time is the dinner held?

Dinner is held in the Kosciuszko Room inside the Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Friday Drive, Thredbo, Kosciuszko National Park. 6.30pm on Saturday.   

Is dinner a set menu?

Dinner is a set menu with ‘alternate plating’ and a vegetarian option. Your dinner reservation can be made at the time you register online. Dinner is $60 Adult $25 Child for a three-course meal.

What beverages will be available for purchase?

Beverages are to be purchased separately from the bar.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Vegetarian and other special dietary requirements can be catered for but the restaurant has requested that they be advised of these at least 10 days prior to the dinner. Please note your dietary requirements in the comments section when you register.

What is the dress code for the official dinner?

Smart casual.

Will there be a photographer taking pictures?

We are thankful to Randy Wieman from Hot Shots Photography who has taken photos of the event for the last couple of years. An official photographer will be available on the day to capture your climb to the summit. 

Can I buy a picture of myself or my group atop the mountain?

We hope to offer this service at future events. Until then, bring your selfie stick.

What’s the best footwear to wear? Are runners/joggers Okay? Or hiking boots?

The weather is highly changeable on any given day. Please come prepared for all weather conditions.  Sturdy walking boots or shoes, waterproof jacket, light woollen jumper or fleece, long sleeve top, thermal top, gloves and warm hat, water at least one litre, lunch and snacks and hat/sunscreen/sunglasses. 

It is also recommended to wear footwear that has already been worn-in to avoid sore feet and blisters.

Do you provide sunscreen?

Please bring your own sunscreen, medications and weather gear.

What happens if it’s raining?

The event will go ahead in light rain. If the conditions are deemed unsafe by the ranger the National Park will be closed.

What is the weather forecast for the climb?

At the time of publication, a weather forecast was not available. Please visit: www.weatherzone.com.au/nsw/snowy-mountains/thredbo-village closer to the event.

What are my accommodation options?

Discounted accommodation is available for participants. Please contact Nicole Thrum, Events & Group Manager, Thredbo direct on 02 6459 4184 and mention Rare Cancers Kosi Challenge to get your discount.

Do most participants stay the Friday night and the Saturday night?

Yes, most participants tend to stay Friday 16 and Saturday 17 March at Thredbo Village but you are free to stay one night and at alternative accommodation. Large groups might like to stay at the YHA.

What if I get injured or sick?

There will be a fully trained medic at our event. If you injure yourself or someone in our group is injured please notify an event organizer to arrange assistance.

Thredbo Medical Centre is located at Valley Terminal and throughout winter is operated by a qualified general practitioner. The centre is open during school holidays. At other times there is first aid care available in Thredbo and a medical service is located in Jindabyne. There is a hospital in Cooma (02) 6457 6254 or for emergencies dial 000.

Is the event covered by insurance?

Yes RCA has public liability insurance for this event.

Will my mobile have network coverage at top of the mountain?

We are certainly still connected on top of Australia's highest point! However, the strength of your signal varies along the journey and is dependent on your provider.