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About the Climb

She stands tall and proud, nestled within the great Snowy Mountain Ranges. She’s impressive in the winter, glistening with soft, pure white snow. 

But in the warmer season, she bares her soul, unveiling hues of green, yellow and specs of dusty pink. She holds an imposing title; standing 2,228 metres above sea level, she is the highest summit in Australia. She is Mount Kosciuszko.

The Mount Kosciuszko Challenge is an annual event hosted by Rare Cancers Australia to raise awareness and much-needed funds for Australians diagnosed with a rare and less common cancer. 

Join us for the climb from Thredbo to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko on Saturday 2nd March 2019. The view from the top is spectacular and the journey towards it is breathtaking. 

Get involved, enjoy one of Australia's most beautiful landscapes and help the over 52,000 Australians diagnosed each year with a rare and less common cancer.