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Getting to the Summit

The summit is 2,228 meters above sea level. Everyone starts at the same point – Valley Terminal. 

There is no time placed on when you must finish the climb, however please be aware that should you wish to take the chairlift down from Eagles Nest, the last chairlift leaves at 4.00 pm. For approximate completion times, please check out the following map 


There are two ways to conquer Kosi:
Merritts Nature Track (Walkers)

Valley Terminal to Summit is a 10.5 km climb or a 21 km round trip, should you wish to walk the entire way down to the base. You will climb 4 km to Eagles Nest and continue the 6.5 km to take you to the top! On your journey back to base, walkers can choose to take the chair lift down at Eagles Nest. 

Those doing the full climb and who wish to come down on the chair lift are not required to purchase a chairlift pass. RCA recommends that participants choose the chairlift return option if you are feeling tired. The walk down Merrits is still very strenuous and the track is very uneven.

Please note that the climb from the base to the summit is quite strenuous and it is advised to purchase a chair lift pass if you are not at an adequate level of fitness.

Eagles Nest (Chairlift)

Eagles Nest to Summit is a 6.5 km walk and a 13 km round trip. You will get a chair lift to the Eagles Nest Lookout and will walk the entire 6.5 km to the Summit.

Only those that have pre-purchased a chairlift pass can take the chairlift up. Chairlift passes can be purchased online during the registration process. 

You do not need a pass to take the chairlift back down to base at the end of your climb. Those wishing to take the Chairlift option must chose a start time from 9.00 am onwards, as chairlift services will not be open prior.