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Start Times

The Mount Kosciuszko Challenge is an all-day event. However, you must select a start time for your commencement of the climb. Due to the high number of participants, it is crucial that you adhere to the times and arrive 20 minutes prior to your start time to allow for registration and event briefing.

Those wishing to take the Chairlift option must choose a start time from 9.00 am onward, as the chairlift services will not be open prior.

Start times are:
  • 8.00 am Merritts Track walkers only
  • 8.15 am Merritts Track walkers only
  • 8.30 am Merritts Track walkers only
  • 8.45 am Merritts Track walkers only
  • 9.00 am Merritts Track and Chairlift
  • 9.15 am Chairlift only
  • 9.30 am Chairlift only
  • 9.45 am Chairlift only

All climbers in all groups have the option of taking the chairlift down the mountain. But only those that have prepaid can take the chairlift up.