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How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Register

Register your participation and set up your fundraising page all in the one process. If you have already registered and did not set up a fundraising page, you will have received a registration confirmation email with instructions for setting up your fundraising page. Simply click on the link in this email to get started! 

Registered by a friend and don’t have this? Email us.

Step 2: Personalise

Upload a pic and add some personal details to your fundraising page. Let everyone know what you’re doing and why.

Step 3: Share

Share and shout about it! You can use our social media resources below to brand and promote your page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then promote your fundraiser! Talk to your friends, family, colleagues and more about what you’re doing and keep reminding them to help you reach your goal! We need you to help us reach our $200,000 target and every little bit helps.

Finally, once you’ve got your sponsors and raised money you can enjoy your climb on March 17, thank your supporters and celebrate your success with us all in Thredbo!

Here are some top tips to help you with fundraising.