The Challenge

Fundraising tips to help you reach your peak

Thank you for being a Kosi Challenger for Australians impacted by rare, less common and complex cancers.

Together, we can ensure no Australian goes through the cancer journey alone.

Our hope is that the 12th anniversary of the Kosi Challenge in 2024 will be our biggest year yet, for the growing number of Australians diagnosed with rare, less common and complex cancers, and the far too many lives lost.

To help with fundraising and awareness boosting efforts, we have put together these tips.

Get sharing

Use the power of social media

Social media can be a powerful tool to encourage donations and sharing amongst your loved ones and community - and it's free!

Share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

Show your friends and family that you can go the distance by posting regular updates about your progress e.g. training efforts, fundraising milestones reached, the reason why you're taking on the Challenge.

We'd love to see the Challenge from your perspective! Don’t forget to use the #kosichallenge hashtag to keep us in the loop.

Inspire the people in your life

Asking your friends, family and colleagues to share your fundraising page can often be an easy way for your loved ones to show their support. They might like to post your efforts on their social media pages or spread the word via email or word-of-mouth.

Think of your community

Are you or your loved ones involved in any community or sporting groups (e.g. local rugby club, scouts, neighbourhood or parents groups)?

Some of these groups may have social media pages, websites or newsletters that can help with promoting initiatives, like your Kosi Challenge.

Extra, extra read all about it

If you would like to generate more awareness in your community, we can assist you with approaching your local newspaper, radio station and/or television outlet.

While we cannot guarantee media coverage, we can certainly help you to try to secure some. If you are interested in this, please contact Laura Cohalan, Communications Specialist at RCA at

Get creative

Spreading the word

Host an event

Whether you're participating in the in-person or virtual Kosi Challenge, you can also choose to boost your efforts with an activity or event.

Some fun ideas include: trying to break a record, hosting a barbeque or cake sale, taking on a sponsored silence (especially if you're a chatterbox), offering dog walking services, or holding a second-hand book sale.

Think about what might spark the interest of your loved ones and community. The sky's the limit!

If you need any support, please contact Natalie Clancy, Head of Fundraising at RCA at

Get down to business

Organisations are often happy to help with charitable initiatives, especially if an employee is involved.

Why not ask your boss to match your donations dollar-for-dollar, recruit colleagues and create a Kosi Challenge team together, or compete with some to raise the stakes.

If you need any help with this, you can reach out to James Mathews, Marketing Manager at RCA at

Get personal

Speak from the heart

When you are creating your fundraising page, posting on social media about your efforts, or sharing your campaign by any means, don't be afraid to let your passion shine through.

We are incredibly lucky at RCA to have so many wonderful supporters of our cause who get behind us for a variety of reasons. We find that when they (and we) share the reasons why they are involved, they get the most response.

People love to be taken on a journey that is authentic and comes from the heart.

Don't forget to thank those that support you too - manners go a long way!