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Hi everyone,

In the month of March 2024, we will be walking 50km each to raise awareness and much-needed funds for Australians diagnosed with a rare cancer. Siobhan recently lost her aunty to cancer so this cause holds a special place in our hearts.

One hundred per cent of funds raised through the Kosi Challenge goes towards the important work of RCA's Patient Support Team.

From helping patients to access specialists and treatments, through to delivering support groups, connecting people with services and providing financial assistance particularly in times of crisis, Patient Support is at the heart of what RCA does.

RCA is a Federal Government-classified Health Promotion Charity. All donations over AU $2 are fully tax deductible.

Your contribution, big or small, will go a long way in making a difference. We will regularly update this page with our progress.

Thank you immensely for considering and supporting our cause.

Leanne and Siobhan

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Two Exhausted Adventurers and a Determined Treadmill

Greetings, dear supporters! Apologies for the delay in update, we've been busy conquering the wild lands of the treadmill and battling our arch-nemesis, Leg Pain. It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, filled with sweat, determination, and a few questionable leg movements thrown in for good measure.

Ah, Sunday. The day of rest, they say. Well, we decided to redefine "rest" by hopping back on the treadmill for another 2kms. Call us crazy (you wouldn't be the first), but we were on a mission. The mission? To keep the ball rolling, quite literally, as we shuffled along like determined penguins.

Legs still aching from the previous day's adventure, we adopted a new strategy: the "Ouch-That-Hurts" dance. It's a complex routine involving grimaces, wincing, and occasional bursts of laughter to mask the pain. OH and solitaire! Turns out our gym is pretty nifty and has games to play on the treadmill to distract us from the pain. We may not have looked graceful, but we were a vision of determination.

We now stand on the cusp of victory. Our goal of $2000 for Rare Cancers Australia is within reach, thanks to your incredible support! We can almost taste the triumph (or maybe that's just the sweat dripping down our faces).

So, as we lace up our sneakers for another 2kms at the gym today, we do so with gratitude in our hearts and a touch of delirium from the treadmill-induced daze. Thank you for continuing to support and  join us on this hilarious, slightly painful, and ultimately rewarding journey.
Stay tuned for more adventures from two exhausted but determined warriors on the treadmill of life!

Until next time, keep walking, keep laughing, and may your sneakers be ever cozy.

With love and leg cramps,
Leanne and Siobhán

P.S. If you see us wobbling down the street, it's not an earthquake. It's just us, conquering those 2kms one wobbly step at a time.

Mosquito Madness: Conquering Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

Hey wonderful supporters! Today, we braved the 8.7km Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, a journey filled with rain, mosquitoes, and even the Ross River virus lurking about.

Despite the unpredictable weather and the tiny but mighty mosquito 🦟 army, we pressed on, taking "strategic breaks" along the way (aka contemplating the universe). 🚶‍♀️

In a stroke of genius, we FaceTimed Siobhán's family mid-trail, earning cheers and encouragement. Reminding us that their sister and cousin were with us.

So there you have it, our tale of triumph over nature's quirks. Rain or shine, mosquitoes or viruses, we emerged victorious, smiles intact. Until next time, stay adventurous and always pack bug spray!

Leanne and Siobhán

First 3kms for the First of March

Leg day at AF Narrabeen: check! 45 mins of torture... err, we mean leg workout, followed by 3kms on the treadmill, to kick start our virtual Kosi Challenge! Our legs are now regretting their life choices, but it's worth it for such a great cause. Tomorrow, we waddle around Narrabeen lagoon - stay tuned for our penguin impressions! 🐧💪 #WaddleForACause #RareCancersAustralia

Thank you to my Sponsors


Fionnghuala Lyons


Shervin D


Tora Cullip

Go Gals! Get those kms in 👏👏


Will Meikle

Way to go Shiv! Great effort and cause!


Vimala Christine D'aguiar

Fantastic job, Leanne and Siobhan 👏 Keep shining 👍 May success accompany every step of your inspiring endeavour


Kevin Lyons

You'll have to wear a Roosters jersey on your walk! Good on you both.


Aloma Lyons

Good luck Siobhán and Leanne! Enjoy the walk!


Jayde Chan


Jc Lubrica

Go Shiv and Leanne 💕 proud of you guys! x




Kevin Lyons

Happy birthday just a small part to the gift


Noirin Mckenna

Go Shiv! Fair play to you 👏. A great cause. Love from Dublin. Nors xx




Kevin Mckenna

Well done Siobhán. Great cause. Keep going.


Nestor Rego

Good on you leanne n Siobhan. Great cause. Hope to reached your target.


Haitelenisia Anitoni

Thank you Siobhan & Leanne for doing this for our sister Akanesi (Nesi ) & cousin Halaevalu . Have fun with the walk 😍 Ofa atu ❤️🙏 Nesi for sure will walk with you cos she loved walking for herself & for others as well 🥰


Fatafehi Funaki


Leanne D'aguiar


Siobhan Lyons


Sonia Copelo



Hope this will help you


Elisabetta Romano

Happy to help you make a difference :)


Elisabetta Rossi

You rock Siobhan!


Nazaré Castro Santos


Marina Anokhina




Na Ri Kim

For a greater cause🤜🤛👏👏


Adam Hashambhoy

A wonderful cause, Siobhán :)


Mark Williams



Catherine Rodriguez

Go girl!


Louise Sorbello


Ga Na Kim


Ida Harsojo


Jing Huang


Naufahu Anitoni & Sally Stark

Go Siobhan! We are cheering for you from the States!! Aunty Nesi would be so proud of you❤️