Need to know

Getting to the Summit

All participants of the in-person Kosi Challenge will start from the same location -
in the courtyard of the Alpine Bar in the Thredbo Alpine Hotel.

From here, there are two ways to reach the Summit:

Merritts Nature Track



  • One-way: 10.5km
  • Round trip: 21km


You will climb 4km to Eagles Nest and continue the 6.5km to take you to the top! 

On your journey back, walkers can choose to take the chairlift down at Eagles Nest or continue to walk.

RCA recommends that participants choose the chairlift return option if you are feeling tired. The walk down Merritts Nature Track is still very strenuous and the track is uneven.

Eagles Nest



  • One-way: 6.5km
  • Round trip: 13km


You will get a chair lift to the Eagles Nest Lookout, then walk 6.5km to the Summit.

What can you expect on the day?

The in-person Kosi Challenge is an all-day event as we make our way to Australia's highest point (2,228 meters above sea level) and back for Australians with rare and complex cancers.

Here's what you can expect on the day:


The registration area will be set up in the Alpine Bar Courtyard at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel. 

Once you and your team register in your allocated time wave (selected at time of registering online) and listen to your quick briefing, you will head off over the footbridge towards Valley Terminal, the starting point of the initial trek.

Valley Terminal to Eagles Nest (4 km)

Valley Terminal is the start of the initial 4km trek to Eagles Nest. You can walk or take the chairlift straight to Eagles Nest. 

If the chairlift is your preferred method, you will need to pre-purchase your chairlift ticket when you register and select a start time after 9.00am.

Eagles Nest to top of The Summit (6.5km)

Once you reach Eagles Nest by foot or chairlift, you will walk the additional 6.5km to the top of the Summit.

The Summit

Once you reach the top of Mount Kosciuszko, take time to celebrate (you did it!), take photos and enjoy the spectacular view!

Please note: For the safety of all climbers, 100 people are permitted on top of the Summit at any one time. Your guide (wearing a high vis RARE vest) will advise when it's time to move on after you have adequate time to rest, celebrate and enjoy.

Summit back down to Eagles Nest Lookout (6.5 km)

Start your 6.5km descent from the Summit to Eagles Nest.

Eagles Nest to Valley Terminal – by foot or chairlift

Once you arrive back at Eagles Nest, you have the option of walking the remaining 4km to Valley Terminal base or taking the chairlift down. 

You will recieve a chairlift pass on the morning of the Kosi Challenge if the chairlift is your preferred option.

Arrive back at the registration area at Thredbo Alpine Hotel

There is no time limit placed on the climb. 

Please be aware if you wish to take the chairlift down from Eagles Nest to Valley Terminal, the last chairlift leaves at 4.00pm.