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The Kosi Challenge is an annual event hosted by Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) to raise awareness and much-needed funds for Australians diagnosed with a rare, less common or complex cancer each year.

In March 2024, I will be climbing 2,228 metres above sea level to reach Australia’s highest point to help RCA.

100% of funds raised through the Kosi Challenge goes towards the important work of RCA's Patient Support Team.

From helping patients to access specialists and treatments, through to delivering support groups, connecting people with services and providing financial assistance particularly in times of crisis, Patient Support is at the heart of what RCA does.

RCA is a Federal Government-classified Health Promotion Charity. All donations over AU $2 are fully tax deductible.

In addition, I offer my commitment to match every dollar of your donation towards this cause. #Dollar4dollar #DoubleYourGratitude

Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot for these patients.


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Thank YOU!

Dear Friends/ Donors,

Just wanted to thank you for your incredible generosity and show of support through your donation. 

TOGETHER, we have crossed the 2K mark (+collectively as a community with your help, we have raised 191,400K with a target 750K) and I make a further commitment to you: I’m not stopping! 

20 days to go… :) 

God Bless,

#unstoppable #patientscantwait #cancercanwait #Walk4Jay #Walk4Neri #Kosi

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kelly & Ewald Families

Dollar2Dollar on behalf of the Kelly & Ewald families/ friends: Jackie, Nathan, Catherine, Leanne, Shannon & Adrian, Lucy, Jo and Tameka. Thank YOU for your incredible generosity. #Walk4Jay


A108 Friends

Thank you Margi, Rula, Steve, Cynthia, Matt, Jespal, Priyanka, Xi (AND their humble/ generous friends). Dollar matched total value (Courtesy: JF). Thank you Friends of @Australia108 + their friends.


Naru Chakraborty

Onek inspiring Dosto - as you said, “until the last breath”


Naru Chakroborty (dollar2dollar Match - Courtesy: Jf)

OBO Naru C - Thank you for doubling your incredible generosity, double IMPACT and hopefully doubling your GRATITUDE. God bless (Always!) (Courtesy Dollar2Dollar match supported by: JF)



Absolutely inspirational. Keep the fight on brother.


Creative Advocacy Solutions

Matched donation by Creative Advocacy Solutions


James Ridgewell

Great to be a part of this mate, cheers for reaching out, all the best champ. James



Great piece of work mate, your energy and enthusiasm amazes me always. Best of luck, Chris.


James Ridgewell (dollarmatch By: Jf)

Dollar-2-Dollar Match OBO James Ridgewell. Courtesy: JF


Creative Advocacy Solutions

Matched donation by Creative Advocacy Solutions


Mr & Mrs Md Salim (obo R&r Salim)

#dollar2dollar match OBO R&R Salim and their families. (Courtesy: JF)



When you’re back - I want to hear all about it yeah? :) NB: also - your spring rolls are still in my freezer lolz


Nick And Carol Katsouris

Good luck on your humble journey and enjoy the hike at Kosciuszko brother.




Shajyy Rifat


Jackie Cocup

We hope Ur hike is a safe n n love u have choose our Jay Kelly as Ur charity much love to all from all ur family the Kelly Gang 😘


Jay And Neridah

Donation from Shajyy Rifat. This one is for/ OBO - JAY K, NERIDAH D & Jasmine Alam.


P N (courtesy: Jf)

Dollar-2-Dollar match by JF on behalf of <P> Thank you mate - for your INCREDIBLE generosity. God Bless. #TripleGratitude #MSDTeamA-WA-esome


Creative Advocacy Solutions

Matched donation by Creative Advocacy Solutions



Well done mate!


Shafiq (in Loving Memory Of Jesmeen)

Prayers for my beloved wife, all the best, our prayers for you - Shafiq & Jesmeen.


Creative Advocacy Solutions


Amelia B

Happy hiking and fundraising xox


Shajyy Rifat


Dorothy Walters

Cheering for you love Dorothy and Steve .


Jess B

Best of luck - Jess and Family.


Rimi Salim

All the best always


Georgia Schneider (dollar2dollar Match)

Dollar2dollar match OBO Georgia Schneider - sincerely thank you for your very generous donation and joining us on this incredible journey Georgia! (: (Courtesy: JF)


Carren B (dollar2dollar Match By Jf)

Dollar2dollar match OBO Carren B :)


Carren Birch

What a beautiful thing to do good luck 👍💖❤️


Georgia Schneider

Awesome job!


Shannon & Adrian Kelly

This is wonderful what you are doing thank you 🙏🏼


Catherine Morgan

A beautiful thing you are doing for an important cause for the person I love ❤️


Leanne Ewald

Amazing Shajyy2 such a great thing to do .


Nathan E


Jessica Liew

All the best in your initiative Shajyy.


Shajyy2 Rifat


Lyn & Des Nelson

Our Love - Lyn and Des.



Good luck Shajyy!


Lucy Mccarthy

Love you Jay!


Kym & Family

Best wishes - Kym


Kim Pendlebury (dollarmatch By Jf)

Dollar-4-Dollar match thank you Kim (: (Courtesy: JF)


Jo Mccarthy

Climb for Jay❤️




Tameka Shyhun