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Completion Certificates

Below you'll find your certificates for being part of the #KosiChallenge! You'll find two versions: the social certificates for you to share on your social channels and to encourage sponsors and print at home certificate for completing the climb!

Social Share Certificates

These are images you can use to share on social media to celebrate having completed the #KosiChallenge! There's two sizes and variations on whether you climbed as a team or as an individual and also if you were raising money as part of your climb.

Print Certificate

This is designed as something you can print at home to celebrate having been part of the 2018 event! 

Please remember when sharing them to always use the #KosiChallenge hashtag and tag Rare Cancers Australia and if you created a fundraising page to include a link to that too so people can donate. Donations can still be made after the event.

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Social Sharing Instructions

The square size is best for networks like Instagram while the rectangle will look best on Twitter. Either will work on Facebook. Just right click the image and select "save image as..." to save it to your computer. On mobile simply hold your finger on the image and a popup should appear to let you download it to your device. Then just get sharing!

Social Share Certificates - Individual Climber 

Fundraiser Certificates:


Participant Certificates:


Social Share Certificates - Team

Fundraiser Certificates:


Participant Certificates:


Print Certificate

Simply right click this link and download your certificate here, which you can then print at home: 

KosiChallenge 2018 - Print Certificate.pdf

Finally, if you're still looking to hit your fundraising target, here are some top tips to help you get there.