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The Kosi Challenge is an annual event hosted by Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) to raise awareness and much-needed funds for Australians diagnosed with a rare, less common or complex cancer each year.

In March 2024, I will be climbing 2,228 metres above sea level to reach Australia’s highest point to help RCA.

One hundred per cent of funds raised through the Kosi Challenge goes towards the important work of RCA's Patient Support Team.

From helping patients to access specialists and treatments, through to delivering support groups, connecting people with services and providing financial assistance particularly in times of crisis, Patient Support is at the heart of what RCA does.

RCA is a Federal Government-classified Health Promotion Charity. All donations over AU $2 are fully tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Linda & James

Go Chloe!!! You can do it!! Love from Linda & James


Jwo Lim

Good on you. Qiao Yi!


Janelle Hanna

Great job Chloe! Have a great hike and hope the weather is kind!



Safe travels Chloe!


Kenenth Nan


Queenie Hiew

Go,Go,Go …. Love u dear !


Kitman Figueroa


Ong Family

All the best Chloe and team!



Go, girl... I know it won't be easy, jiayou...


Zac And Claire Wee

Go ! We will be cheering for you





Sing Yee

You got this Chloe! We will be cheering for you. What an amazing work to create awareness.


Alice Ng

Go, Yi! So proud of you.


Yin Siew Ching

All the best for the climb! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 well done on the fundraising ~


Natalie Yeoh

Go Chloe!!!! Good luck on the hike!


Hong Wei And Family

Go! We will support you!


Yee Sum Poh

Love & luck to you in your climb and enjoy it !


Chong’s Family

Your dad will be so proud of you! Jia you.


Ken Lee

Go Chloe... you have my support!


Lin Li



Good luck in your climb!


Wai Loong Leong



Cheryl Khoo



Have fun, and wish you all the best, 2.20


Nancy Guindi

Wishing you All the best Chloe 🤗


Pei Lee

Go go go Chloe, you can do it! Enjoy the climb and be rewarded with the beautiful view at the peak 😁🥰

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